Class: Year 3 & Year 4 (Mrs Dippnall) Year: 2016 - 2017

The Year 4 children went to Beeston and Burwardsley on our residential 2 weeks ago.  We spent 2 nights away from home, learning what it was like to live in a quiet Cheshire village, rather than a busy town.

We learnt life in a village is a lot different to that back home in Runcorn.

We followed a route around Burwardsley village.  You could walk around the whole village in about 10 minutes.  We tried to draw out our route using a 'messy' map.  The roads had no pavements so you had to be very careful to walk facing oncoming traffic and tuck right in away from cars!

There is only one shop in Burwardsley village.  Imagine that!  You would have to drive a long way to find a supermarket. 

Many houses in the village were very old.  Some cottages still had a water pump outside where they used to have to come out everyday to get their water!  There were far fewer houses in the village than back in Runcorn, most of the area is fields and woods.

We went to Alistair's farm.  We saw the diary cows being milked and some of us were lucky enought to stroke two week old lambs!  Do you know Alistair's dairy cows provide all the milk for Tesco!

Have a look at the pictures inside St John the Devine church, it is very different to St Bert's church.  We contrasted the building and the church furniture.  

We also went to the candle factory and made our very own candles in lots of different colours!

We learnt so much in three days and had the most fabulous time!

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