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Welcome to St Bert's website.  We have tried to make the site simple and user-friendly so that everyone can have easy access and be involved in what is going on in our school.  However, if you have any suggestions as to how it could be further improved, we would welcome your comments. If you need any further information about the school or you are thinking of applying for a place, then please get in touch with Mrs Julie Barron, the Headteacher, who will be pleased to help you.

'A love of life - a love of learning'

Imagine a place.....where you feel secure. Where you are protected and looked after and you get a feeling of being "at home" in a cosy arm chair.

Imagine a place........where lifelong learning is at the heart of the community. Where you are taught to have a positive attitude to work and you want to go on learning about the things you are interested in.

Imagine a place........where all talents and achievements are supported and celebrated. Where being brilliant at art or dance is as valued as being brilliant at Maths or English.  Where your talents are shared with others and they celebrate in your success.

Imagine a place........that will equip you to face the challanges of the future. Where you learn how to use technology, how to read and write, how to do your tables and your maths.  Where challanges are presented and you rise to them.

Imagine a place........where everyone is treated equally and difference and diversity are valued and respected. Where no-matter what you look like or where you come from you are not judged in any way.  Where you can be you!

Imagine a place........where you learn in a truly stimulating environment. Where there are interesting pictures and objects for you to admire.  Where caring and looking after your workplace is important and encouraged.

Imagine a place........where your emotional and spiritual well being is nurtured. Where how you feel is as important as how well you perform in tests. Where if you feel sad or lonely or down in the dumps you can share your feelings with someone.  Or if you feel happy and carefree you can share these feelings with others too!.

Imagine a place........where you are inspired to be the best you can be.  Where you want to achieve more and do your very best all the time. Where you work hard and don't give up at the first hurdle.  Where you feel proud.

Imagine a place........where Christian values and visions are celebrated; where you are prepared for life.   Where you are encouraged to be respectful and polite as well as being encouraged to be honest and trustworthy.  Where you learn about the life of Jesus and are encouraged to follow his example and do God's work here on earth!

Imagine a place..... St Bert's


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St Berteline's C of E Primary School

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Main Contact: Mrs L. Austin (Chair of Govs.)

Tel: 01928 719847
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