Seven Return from Uganda!

Dear Friends 

Greetings from Uganda and the River of Life project!

7 of us went to Uganda on Mothering Sunday and returned just over a week later feeling uplifted, refreshed, awakened, alive, grateful and blessed.  The team went with SO many good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts and with the faith that we were all called to go, so not surprisingly, the trip was just an incredible time for us all.

Through our fundraising efforts we were able to take just under £3,000 (which equated to 9.500,000 schillings!) with us to support 8 different projects including:

  • Supporting the baby unit with tiny clothes and build up milk formula
  • Buying 150 bibles in Lugandan and English for the church family
  • Building 4 wooden prayer shelters on Prayer Mountain
  • Giving bulk food and supplies to another local orphanage struggling to provide for their children
  • Buying paint and decorating the outside of the Church building
  • Designing and painting a scripture inspired mural for the Church grounds
  • Visiting the farm and school - giving donations of much needed equipment to both
  • Football and ruby balls donated to the boys home, the River of Life Synergy Football Team and the Masaka Rugby Club

Our weeks activities began with a wonderful welcome meal from the Church family on Monday evening.  We had expected to change and freshen up after our 23 hour journey time but arrived in our joggers and were welcomed joyously, despite our disheveled appearance!  After many introductions, prayers and much rejoicing with Alleluias and Amen's bed was the most welcome place for us all.

Tuesday morning began with a 6am visit to Prayer Mountain to meet with the senior Church team, worship together, share our fundraising and wait peacefully upon God as we sat solo for some time to prepare for the week ahead.  The cool darkness of early morning coupled with guitar and drums to accompany our singing, praying and bible reading along with a storm on epically biblical proporations will live long in the memory.  The rain poured down on the corrugated tin roof, the wind howled, the thunder boomed and the lightening flashed whilst we all huddled closer together on our plastic chairs.  If God was speaking to us it was a message we all received..... LOUD AND CLEAR!  At one point we considered whether we should be building an ark instead of a prayer hut.

As the day dawned the storm calmed and we sat in bright sunlight each of us reflecting on Pastor David's sermon "Expect the unexpected".  We had gone expecting to see a beautiful sunrise but God had sent us a storm instead - we were all feeling the prayerful words we shared "Spark in us all a flame of purpose and acceptance this week".  It was truly incredible to hear the Pastor explain the River of Life vision for itself which reaches far beyond its own Church, community and country and out into the world with an aim of building a prayer hut for every nation on earth on top of this mountain.  WOW.... can't disagree with that!

The rest of the week was filled with a visit to the baby unit, a trip to the farm, painting at the Church, building the shelters, ministering at the women's prison, visiting the local primary school (1,700 pupils), touring the town, community outreach work, visiting the Nazareth orphanage to drop off the bulk food and all topped off with a 3 hour Sunday worship at Church........ALLELUIA MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!  Clap for God!!!

We closed by sharing the cards sent by everyone to the River of Life family and it was a very special time.  You really did "Send Them Your Love" - we, and they, were so overjoyed and happy and also incredibly humbled by this simple but truly powerful gesture.  

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you gave to this amazing project. Charity begins at home but certainly doesn't end there! God bless you all. 

Helen, Andrew, Sheridan, Claire, Sarah, Paul and Rachael 






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