We held our Christingle service in school on Tuesday morning and were joined by many parents and grandparents. Mrs Barron led the service accompanied by Ray Tate who, as always, was a great sport allowing himself to be dressed up as an orange! Mrs Barron talked about each part of the Christingle and their meaning. Christingle, meaning 'Christ  Light' and 'Jesus - The Light of the World'. A child from each class was chosen to sit at the front and light their Christingle from the Advent wreath and lead their class back to the classrooms where each child lit their own Christingle and shared a special prayer.

A Christingle Holding Prayer

Lord Jesus, I stretch out my hands and receive this gift,

and I hold it tight because it is mine. My Christingle,

Light, fruit, sweets, colour, but so much more precious than this.

I hold in my hands a picture of your love. I imagine all the other special things I might hold.

Lord Jesus, help me to remember those with little or nothing to hold,

especially other children who don't have enough to eat or a safe place to live.

Today, as I hold my Christingle and remember you,

I pray that you would make me someone, like you,

who will reach out my opened hands to give and love like you do.


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